Caroline Dutchie really did wonders for me and my apartment. I was down-sizing from a two bedroom town-home to a studio and needed help figuring out how to live in a smaller space. I contacted Caroline and warned her about all the things I owned and the limited space I have. She came in and utilized the space for me in a way I couldn’t do on my own. I love having my friends over, and they all love my new and stylish digs! I would recommend Caroline’s services to anyone. She’s fun and easy to work with and was professional and dedicated to helping me during the process.
— Meg F., Los Angeles
As a busy mom I do not have time to begin to go through everybody’s rooms and their closets. Needless to say, my master bedroom and my 4 kids rooms were in need of a complete reorg! Caroline Dutchie helped my family and I organize our closets as the kid’s closets were a disaster and the master bedroom closets were equally in need of help! Thankfully, Caroline Dutchie works fast and efficient. She loves what she does, and it shows!
Now, my children can find their things quicker, and there is no more drama in the morning getting them off to school!

Caroline Dutchie was worth every penny, I highly recommend.
— Elizabeth P., Newport Coast
My parents have lived in the same home for 52 years. It seems like they have kept everything they have ever owned, baby clothes, toys, a lawn mower from 1974, etc. It got to the point where my Dad’s office was no longer an office and more like a storage room. It was never used and the door was always kept shut.

My parents don’t like to throw anything away and are very sentimental people. My parents and I have tried working with other organizers in the past and didn’t have the best experience. They wanted to throw everything away and the idea made my parents uncomfortable.
A friend recommended Caroline, who is an absolute delight and breath of fresh air. Without judgement she understood my parent’s situation right away. Because my parents wanted to keep their treasured items, we decided to start out with small projects. Since the space was a part of the home, we decided to start with my Dad’s office. Caroline and her Dutchies are extremely professional. They were very sensitive to my parent’s needs and were able to keep my parents happy while at the same time restoring the office back to a clean, organized, and functioning environment.

Caroline offered tips and advice to keeping the office clean and tidy. Now it’s a room with the door kept open. My Mom and Dad are SO happy with the result. My parents are ready for phase 2, the garage! We are excited to be working with Caroline and her team in the near future! Caroline is a true professional and we are so happy to recommend her.
— Pam, Newport Beach
I recently remarried. A big concern I had was how my school aged children would adapt to their new home after we combined households.

I was introduced to Caroline by a mutual friend, who said that Caroline had helped her organize her new home. I put full trust in Caroline after our consultation. So, as Caroline and her team were at work, I was busy outside the house, being a mom with after school activities and play dates. For me, the process was so easy. Caroline is creative and is able to work with what she has.

Needless to say, the kids love showing off their new rooms and their new home. Our home is so organized and tidy, it is fun and makes sense.

Our home feels as if we have lived there forever!

Thank you, Caroline Dutchie for being so understanding!
— Brittany, Costa Mesa

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