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Welcome to the website of Caroline Dutchie!

Aesthetics and organization come naturally to Caroline, and her background has certainly contributed to her expertise and style.

In The Netherlands, where she grew up, Caroline was trained to live smart in such a small country.  The Dutch only own what they love as their tiny homes do not have the capacity for anything more. They don't have super-sized closets, super-duper pantries, or museum-like garages like we have in the USA. 

With 4 seasons, at least 1 bicycle per person, and virtually zero storage space, one must be very inventive and have a good sense of humor!

Caroline spent some time in her early 20's in Italy as well, which is where her style was positively influenced. She found everything to be beautiful in Italy, especially the impeccable homes her friends' families owned.

When Caroline moved to Southern California to begin her new life journey as a mom of 3, her roots nonetheless stayed firmly in place when it came to organizing and creating beautiful homes.

Our homes today have many different purposes; living, entertaining, office work, you name it.  At the same time, our lives have become increasingly more hectic. Caroline Dutchie believes the most important factor is peace, which is sometimes hard to come by nowadays in our busy lifestyles.  Peace is created through order.  Whether you are merging your life with someone else’s, moving, looking to put your house on the market, need your office space organized, or just need your kitchen or clutter room back to a functioning order; Caroline Dutchie is passionate to help you restore order and bring the peace back.



“I cannot tell you the peace that I would feel knowing the “clutter” was appreciated elsewhere, and that our home was a functioning and well organized space! I do believe in using the items that surround us every day. I also believe that they should be beautiful, to us, and that everything has its proper place.  When you have an organized home, life becomes easier, more beautiful and peaceful.” 
– Caroline